The Pin-ups : a week-end spree to the Memphis Coffee

21 March 2015


It’s nearly the week-end !!! 🙂

And here are out three pin-ups ready to go for a spin in a beautiful Sunbeam towards the seaside, with it’s beaches still empty and wild and especially the patio of the Café if the sun fancied to show itself . But things aren’t going to be so easy. 😉





Who was the person whose job was to take care of the petrol ?!? That is THE question !! 😉


Pinups and sunbeam car

Pinups and sunbeam car

But visibly our pin-ups aren’t any better at pushing the car than thinking of filling the tank up 😉

So in the meantime, while waiting for someone to bring them some petrol, they are going to get a coffee inside the Memphis Coffee


Pinups at the Memphis Coffee

pinups at the Memphis Coffee

dinner at the Memphis Coffee

Pinups at the Memphis Coffee Narbonne

If they’ve forgotten to fill the tank with petrol, than there is nothing wrong with filling themselves up with coffee ! 🙂

And it is not finished !!

Why don’t we stay for diner !

After all isn’t this the place where you would expect to find three good-looking pin ups ? 😉


Pinups eating at the Memphis Coffee

At the Memphis Coffee Narbonne


Have a great weekend !! ♥♥♥

Les Pipelettes de Narbonne

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©photos Angelo Lacancellera

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