Mademoiselle B : The discret charm of elegance

30 April 2015

Intérieur du Restaurant Mlle B Narbonne

There are places as there are people that seduce you just because of a little something that makes them different and that makes you feel at home. It’s the impression you achieve when entering Mademoiselle B.

But god knows that I struggled to get here because of the image of the old PMU bar that had been here for so long. But then I wondered if it is now a new bar a new restaurant or even a new concept(?)

But everyone knows that word of mouth works wonderfully in Narbonne, and a few questions asked here and there got rid of my doubts.

It is now a restaurant and the food is great !

So let’s go !


Mademoiselle B Narbonne

The restaurant being full we had the chance to have lunch in the conservatory, whilst sitting confortably in the beautiful red chairs

Yes, because red is the red lead of house deco, by small touches but omnipresent. And I love this warm color so we are made to get on together.

The old PMU has yielded its place to a great restaurant the has needed a few months of work to get back it’s authenticity.

There now volumes that have appeared, like the beautiful tiled floor, and the owner has worked a lot with wood, a sublime bar, tinctures, carpets, chandeliers for a cosy atmosphere and a personal touch so that you feel quickly at home (I did say « like at home »!!)

The welcoming area has been livened up, but stays sobre, everything is good.

Mlle B restaurant Narbonne

Restauration et brocante Mlle B Narbonne

Mlle B Narbonne

Do you eat well here ? The cooking is simple without behing over the top, made with fresh products. You can have the menu of the day for 13€ and if you fancy a desert then you should be expectiong the bill do be around 20€.

A must-try is the wine Code Rouge du Château de l’Hospitalet which can only be found in a few restaurants in Narbonne who have the priveledge to sell this to their customers.

Brasserie Mlle B Narbonne

An aperitif that is really nice and that sticks well with the image that this place shows off.

Plat du jour Chez Mlle B Narbonne

Starter : Quiche with it’s salad and the meal of the day

Menu du jour chez Mlle B

Crème brûlée confiture de lait chez Mlle B Narbonne

Sweet caramel Crème brulée

Dessert au restaurant Mlle B Narbonne

Rasberry white chocolate Macaroon

You may also find a brocante area, so a few pieces of furniture are for sale (even in the toilets), so if you fall in love, don’t hesitate;

Où manger à narbonne

Intérieur du Restaurant Mlle B Narbonne

Resto Brocante Mlle B

Sol en carreaux de ciment de chez Mlle B

Restaurant Narbonne


As i am a dreaded ‘detective ‘ I went all the way to the toilets with my investigation, and as I liked them I went on to take a few clichés.


Brocante chez Mlle B

Mademoiselle B restaurant Narbonne


Here is a great place full of charm for lunch, diner, for just having a drink or even having breakfast because it’s planned !

Les Pipelettes de Narbonne

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