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La Fille du Consul : New concept store

30 April 2015


la Fille du Consul Narbonne

Near the place “les 4 fontaines” , a new shop has just opened it’s doors. The discovery of this concept store is a real favorite ♥.

La boutique La Fille du Consul Narbonne

Marie’s wish was to open a place where you can feel good, where things happen and where you can discover new brands, creators and different universes all of them having a story and a meaning.

Everything that you may find in this shop isn’t just sublime it also tells a story. For a start the area is a part of history because this shop was an old consulat a few centuries ago.

It is a concept store because Marie wanted to unite in one area everything that she liked, from jewellery like the bracelets made by hand ‘t’as vu la vierge’ to big necklaces of ‘Faubourg des gazelles », to stylish clothes like ‘Made in sens’ and her Arty Chic Graphic collection that collaborate artists and associations or even the marseillaise mark bohemia chic ‘Charlie Jo’ without forgetting the ‘Muse de Provence’ bags assembled by hand by a creator in the area of rich and rare tissues. Every piece is unique, there is also a few bits of furniture.

There are a lot of priveledged criterias : Firstly the products must be made by local creators or by creators from the south of france,by hand, and in France. The objects are therefore rare because most of the brands only make unique pieces… anyway Marie wil tell you all about this in detail so hurry up and visit her shop !

Chez la Fille du Consul Narbonne

The « Carrément belle » perfumes is a small family company from Nîmes with different types of fragrances like Musk, patchouli, or vanilla but also original creations like the sensual “SO” or the sweet fragrances of “AGITE” that should get your nose smelling !

necklaces la Fille du Consul Necklaces la Fille du Consul Narbonne Bracelets la Fille du Consul Dresses la Fille du Consul concept store la Fille du Consul Clothes - la Fille du Consul à Narbonne Furniture in the shop la Fille du Consul

You may also find for your home a few pieces of furniture or sublime italien lamps…

Shop la Fille du Consul  Narbonne

In the shop of la Fille du Consul In la Fille du Consul Sneakers Baron Papillom in the shop la Fille du Consul Narbonne

The ‘Barons Papillom’ sneakers, made in France, have a breathing sole impregnated with the smell of herbs that enable you to wear them bare-foot without having a horrible smell when you take them off.

Bloomingville at la Fille du Consul

There is also a scandinavian touch with the Bloomingville crockery that you may also find at La Fille du Consul.

Bloomingville in the shop of  la Fille du Consul

At la Fille du Consul Narbonne la Fille du Consul Narbonne  la Fille du Consul at Narbonne Marie- la Fille du Consul

It is impossible to make a list of all the things that you may find at La Fille du Consul, one of the main reasons behing that a lot of new things will be arriving (Hudson jeans, ‘Mad et Len’ perfume, ‘la fiancée de Mékong ‘ linen..) but one thing is for sure, you must go and discover this shop.

Mary is really welcoming and loves talking about the product that she has chosen. It’s the perfect shop to treat yourself or to find a present that is different and that will definitely be a hit !

Les Pipelettes de Narbonne

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